Competition registrations

Teams, accompanying persons

For registration of teams, registration by number, for officials, accompanying persons and for judges, please download the forms on this site and follow the guidelines written in them.


By the rules od FIE this year the registration of singles must be done by federations-please contact your federations and they will assist you with it. Only federation can access the admin panel of registration.

Participation fee

Participation fee 55 € for single and 140 € for team can be transfered to Slovenian Fencing Federation on the following account:

Non EUR currency countries can pay the participation before withdrawing the accreditation on the competition venue in cash.

If federations wish to pay the participation fee for all their fencers at once please email us on

Please read payment information here.

Entry forms

Welcome bundle preorder

vfwc2017 welcome bundle presentation

We proudly present the official Welcome Bundle of Veterans Fencing World Championship 2017. The bundle includes a t-shirt, a towel and a sports water bottle.

Especially for vfwc2017, these beautiful items were designed by studio wild. With a really good price and exceptional quality of our merchandise, you will take home something to remember all the great things for years to come.

To pre-order, download the form and follow the guidelines in it.

You might want to preorder the Welcome Bundle with your registration, so the transfer fees will be lower.

Please read payment information here.

Payment information

Transport booking

Transport booking must be paid in advance.

Hotel bookings

Hotel bookings must be paid in advance.

Welcome Bundle

Welcome Bundle must be ordered in advance but can be paid when you withdraw the accreditation.

You must fill out and send order form to email with the following subject: “Full Name + Welcome Bundle”. You can download the form here.


Registration must be paid

  • EUR currency countries in advance,
  • non EUR countries can pay before withdrawing the accreditation.

Paying the registration on the spot can only be done in cash! No credit cards will be accepted.

Summarising invoices

On your request, we can summarise all the invoices except Hotel booking. Please notice that with including the invoices you have to pay in advance, you will have to pay in advance the whole summarised invoice.


For the Veteran World Championships, the referees will be provided by the national federations, according to the quota stipulated in article o.81 of the FIE Rules:

  • 1 – 4 fencers : 0 referees
  • 5 – 9 fencers: 1 referee
  • from 10 fencers: 2 referees

The referees supplied by Federations will remain at the disposal of the organizer for the entire duration of the Championships.

According to financial arrangements stipulated in Chapter 7 of the Administrative Rules of the FIE, the referees will be reimbursed by the organisers.

The organisers may recruit the FIE referees required for the smooth running of the Championships.

All the Referees nominated for the Championships must attend the refereeing meetings to be held the day before or the morning of the competitions. The organisers are responsible for the administrative and logistical organisation of these meetings.

Please download the detailed guide.